Friday, January 18, 2019

Please see under the article I wrote about the Demonstration of Jim Farrow in Maryland in the National Institues of Health. The post came out at this week’s India Post, the paper using a compilation for Indian Americans of 138. Those interested may select a copy of the newspaper from selected Indian shops through the United States 44-3216 for names of stores). You might also read the article on-line at if you subscribe to the newspaper. In organizing meetings for Jim 10, those who are interested may find the post useful in showing the reception an establishment that is well-known and respected, Jim obtained at NIH.

India Post From Filiz Odabas Geldiay – A group of physicians and cutting edge scientists in the National Institutes of Health in addition to stress management experts from nearby institutions assembled at NIH in the early morning to hear a demonstration by James Farrow, a visiting gastroenterologist, whose conversation titled Science of The Breath, focused on the advantages of breathing exercises taught in this Art of Living Course. Dr. Medical Director of this Art of Living Foundation, farrow presented clinical information. These energizing and a distinctive Rhytmical breathing practice releases stress without evoking particular memories said Dr. The information show that in controlled clinical studies in the United States, India, and Slovenia, this Art of Living techniques are as effective for treating both severe and mild depression as traditional medications, and almost as effective as Electro Convulsive Therapy in the severely depressed.

As there’s no one single test for stress said Dr. Farrow, several hormones like cortisol and prolactin are known to be subjected to chronic stress. The research on this Art of Living techniques according to Dr. Farrow shows that this hormones for stress are reduced instantly and over a lengthy amount of time. Patients with nervousness and depression show improved sleep patterns, an improvement in sleep well being, increased levels of energy as well as return to normal or low levels of stress. In additon, beneficial changes in the immunity system have been observed at both normal and cancer patients at regression.

Natural killer cells are increased with regular practice and this depression in immunity system function seen at treated cancer patients is reversed after 3-six months of regular practice. Dr. Farrow also stated that Art of Living breathing techniques were shown to be efficient in reducing bad cholestrol whilst the good cholestrol levels are increased. The beneficial effects on lipid profiles seen at previous studies of meditation are even more pronounced after Art of Living practices. Oxygen free radicals negatively affect many organ systems and antioxidant theraphy is a multi billion dollar business worldwide, said Dr. Each cell in our body has 3 enzyme systems that destroy oxygen free radicals and these systems are decreased by stress.