Saturday, February 16, 2019

According to Vedas Astrology, Neelam or Blue Sapphire is Saturn’s Rock. Saturn is owner of house from the zodiac that is natural. Severe and a tough tutor who punishes gives in abundance. Blue sapphire is utilized to strengthen Saturn in the horoscope. Planets strength should be measured by several manner such as, Shadbala, home possession, conjunction, aspect etc. When saturn is benefic we should wear sapphire. Planets that are equipped may create havoc by wearing their stone if they get strength. For Taurus Ascendant, saturn owns ninth and 10th house. That is a Yogakaraka planet. So a first rated benefic planet.

If a Taurus Ascendant person wears Neelam the Dasha of Saturn, it’ll help him a lot. But owns, 7th and 6th home. Now if saturn is currently sitting in Lagna and sapphire is worn by the native to strengthening it, obstacles and illness’ll increase. We should not wear stone of any planet that’s sitting in the house or lord or lord. Saturn’s impact is immediate and important. So its rock should wear after consultation with a Astrologer. Its chemical makeup is Aluminum oxide. Translucent and yellow Aluminum oxide is called Blue and Pokhraj same species or Yellow Sapphire is known as sapphire.

Its refractive index ranges between 1.76 to 1.77. The 4C color, clarity, cut and carat weight ought to be thought about. Origin is also an essential factor. The Sri Lankan, Burmese, Madagaskar would be the most precious collection of blue sapphire. But all of that glitter isn’t gold. Similarly all coloured stone isn’t astrological stone. Synthetic or Lab manufactured stones might look comparable to natural gemstone, but they aren’t astrological gems. They’ve no astrological significance. Many astrologers suggest to test it before wearing by keeping it under pillow. But recall a stone which doesn’t suit you can hurt yourself even during testing. Last, But not the least, The gem ought to be consecrated or abhimantrit on your name and your birth star or janma nakshtra. There’s a spiritual procedure to do that.