Saturday, February 16, 2019

By Marcia Montenegro, former specialist accredited astrologer who practiced astrology for more than 8 years, former President of these Metropolitan Astrological Society, former president of these Atlanta Board of Astrology Examiners, former coach of astrology for over five years – Have you ever glanced over in the horoscope column in a paper or magazine for fun or from curiosity? Do you look for it daily? As you do so, maybe you say things like, I don’t take this badly, it’s exactly like reading the funnies, I know many people who do that, or maybe I don’t actually believe in astrology so it’s fine.

Or perhaps you’re really looking for guidance. The word horoscope, which stems from the Greek and means was coined in a decreasing Greece that began after resisting it to endure. Horoscopes, as innocuous as they might seem, aren’t just products of the imagination. The writers of these columns are astrologers, some are psychics. Astrologers have studied what they think to be the significance of the planets together with other data. In addition to this information, they consider the current positions of planets, and the way they interact with sunlight signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc., so as to provide horoscope advice.

Since these moon changes signs every 2.5 days, its position is a key element in these forecasting. Astrological doctrine is based on the occult world that asserts as above, so below. According to this view, everything in these world is one and also is connected, therefore, these patterns of these planets and our lives on earth. As a former astrologer, I will tell you that although many astrologers scorn horoscope columns as soda astrology of small value, the astrological worldview is essential even to the writing of a horoscope. Whenever you read such a column, you’re in a subtle way or accepting this worldview or assigning several kind of value to it. The belief that the patterns and motions of these planets, sun and also moon reflect our lives is confounding To these view of a living, omniscient God who created these heavenly bodies to reflect and emphasise His glory, not ours. Astrology also is frequently intertwined with the teaching that since we’re all connected to these universe by a force or energy, then everything in these universe is one and for that reason, there’s no true distinction between man and also nature, this is called monism .