Saturday, February 16, 2019

Travelers since the seventies, when backpackers came throughout the jungle trek tours know as an eco adventure destination thailand. Thailand supplies a variety of eco adventure recreations. Treks are popular in Thailand on account of nature’s beauty. Hot springs, rivers, jungles and waterfalls, forested rice terrace fields and mountains are dream landscapes for travellers. The north is full of cultural diversity with tribe villages which travellers can experience during trekking. Thailand provides also national parks and wildlife sanctuaries nation wide where treks can be arranged. Chiang Mai and pai are the two destinations where many of the treks start in Thailand.

Lots of travel bureaus have treks to one week. Each group is made to an English speaking guide and twelve trekkers. If necessary, Japanese, French or german talking guides have to be booked in advance. Overnights are organized in house remains bamboo huts in hill tribe villages. The guides cook meals, with the aid of travelers who wish to learn food. Umphang in the border near Mae Sot is also well-known for its waterfalls. Ti-Lo-Su is the biggest waterfall in south east Asia throughout the rainy season and provides a majestic scenery. Elephant riding can be organized in 2 days, including an overnight in this jungle with this pachyderms.

At the first part of the river Wa, rafting can be practiced in bamboo raft, whilst this second stage must be passed in rubber boats in order to get at the Ti-Lo Lee waterfall. One amazing trip is a three day barge cruise between Bangkok along with Ayuthaya in which travellers adventure stops along this bank of this river Chao Phraya to ride bicycles. This way, they could detect the rural villages with local factories, glorious temples and appetizing food markets. The visit of a school to meet Thai students at their class room is a type of experience too.

The trip ends at Ayuthaya, former capital of Thailand from 1350 to 1767, in which more than four hundred temples along with monasteries can be visited. The south of Thailand has seen an increasing number of visitors in this last twenty years, and has numerous national parks for eco adventure trips. The exploration of Khao Sok, this oldest evergreen rainforest in this world, that is situated at a hundred fifty kilometers from Surrathani, isn’t to be missed. The park has a broad wildlife with elephants, tigers, leopards, bears along with gaurs at mountainous landscapes with limestone cliffs. Overnights are organized in tree top houses along with raft houses in this lake of Khao Sok. From trekking along with elephant riding at Chiang Mai, bamboo rafting at Umphang, river bike rides up nation along with river cruises in Ayuthaya, Thailand has an eco adventure tour to get anybody who would like to enjoy sport activities in beautiful landscapes.