Saturday, February 16, 2019

On December 30th, we’re going to see the second of the two Super Moons that took place the sign of Cancer. The first one occurred on July 22nd and was a total eclipse. This one is also quite close to the earth and is estimated to be about 30 percent brighter than the usual Full Moon simply because it’s so close to the Earth. The traditional meaning of the full moon in Cancer is birth and pregnancy, which is the reason it’s quite apt that it’s taking place just before the birth of a brand new year. The fact that this Cancer moon is closer to the earth than ever before tells us that our dreams and wishes could be closer to reality if we may manage to concentrate on them intently and also work hard.

2010 doesn’t promise to be an easy year in whatever way and all of us will need to pursue our dreams practically as well as with the ardor that may be supplied by continuously thinking positive thoughts. The Super Moon in Cancer also allows us to create beauty with very little resources. That is a day of rest and reflection for you that permits you to meditate on your goals for the future. That is a good day to relax in the pool or big body of water and just unwind just as much as you can. Taurus – The Super Moon in Cancer might have you feeling quite moody and reflective.

That is a good day to spend by yourself or get ready for New Years celebrations. A Cancer moon is very narcissistic and it’s a good day to pamper you at a spa. Beautifying your surroundings and cook a romantic dinner for a someone special is also recommended. Gemini – The Cancer moon is intuitive and empathic and you might find yourself desiring to connect with a someone special on a deeper level. Couples can be making a deeper commitment on this special date. This is also a good time to adopt a brand new pet. A trip to a spa or a beauty parlor on this date will produce magnificent results.

Cancer – The Super Moon in your sign expands your horizons. A cherished one might make a special promise or commitment to you. Some of you might be offered a great job opportunity. This is a fantastic day for individual Crabs to meet someone new and a fantastic wedding or party date for any one of the water signs. Be cautious not to drink too much, as this influence causes us to be self indulgent. Leo – You might find the watery power of this Super Moon in Cancer to be a bit overwhelming. Escaping into drinks or vices could be part of a plan to escape reality.