Saturday, February 16, 2019

Hammer – Picture hooksStep 1 Assumption: Artwork is ready to hang, with wire, etc. Decide where to hang the piece. Choose your location wisely. If it has glass, you might consider a spot where it won’t receive a lot of glare, away from windows. If you have spot lighting, center the piece to gain the appropriate amount of light. Step 2 Decide how it will be viewed the majority of the time. For instance, will it be in a dining room? It will be viewed from a place of the time.

Will it go in a bedroom? It will be viewed from a position. Hallway? Standing. Step 3 Decide the height that is appropriate for your piece according to your choice. The Way to decide? Well, you determine the eye level of the place that you decided upon. Measure 4 Evaluate the eye level chosen as the middle of the piece. Turn the piece over where the hook will need to be placed, to accomplish the eye level and guesstimate. Step and hammer the hook. Try out your piece, straighten it. Then move the hook over a little, if it is not right.

Eye balling is still the best way! Enjoy your piece. Tips Warnings Purchase hooks with nails and rounded or thick tops. Floreat have worked the best for me. These create holes that are little, so it’s ok if you need to move it on a little. You don’t need to center everything. Sometimes it works best not to. On the lookout to a stud in the wall is necessary if the piece you’re hanging is heavy. By heavy I mean whatever over 30lbs., that most paintings don’t qualify, but mirrors may. If hanging a mirror that is large, use hooks and nails, with the middle one in a higher elevation than the other Do not measure everything. Trust your eyes!.