Friday, January 18, 2019

1 – 2 – 3 – National Drag Racing Circuit executive member Stephen Gunter reported that the body is now trying to host future drag racing events in the Ken Jones Aerodrome in Portland. This is after the Authorities, closed Vernam Field in Clarendon, the place for its meets. Vernam Field, which was an Air Force base for the US Army during World War II, was known to go. As the Government plans to redevelop the complicated Mike Henry, former transportation minister had ordered its closure. Since we became aware of the truth of the aerodrome job and the aerotropolis job by the former minister, we’ve actually been in dialogue and discussions with of the Airports Authority of Jamaica for within a year now, and the acceptable location that has been consented is your Ken Jones Aerodrome in Portland, Gunter reported.

The NDRC has obtained permission for all tune and test events to occur there. We’re now working authorisation for our events. We anticipate that we’ll be able to host a minumum of one event in the Ken Jones plant prior to the end of the year after it’s going through all the various regulatory bodies” . Nevertheless, Gunter said that he’s some sentimental attachment to Vernam Field, especially due to the several years he spent there. On a personal level, I’m a bit of a historian with regards to Vernam Field, he shared. I’ve been personally involved with racing in Vernam Field since I was a young kid in the 1970 s.

We’re Closing out 59 years of racing action at Vernam Field, and it’s really humbling.”. His sentiments are shared by other drag racers and also car enthusiasts. Dean Shaw, a veteran of the track, reported he’s disappointed at what he sees as a lack of vision shown by the Authorities. Vernam doesn’t take up anything, but a weekend piece of weekend property, he said. There is nothing fixed. We could live harmoniously with of the development that is going on, but some brilliant spark in the Government believes that they’ve to X us out of it. Lots of us which invested money in vehicles have a challenge now.”.

Eugene Grandison, another of the track’s top performers through the years, is disappointed at its closed because he believed it’d a central location. Right now, I am really down. Vernam is close by and Jamwest is really out of range. Rain falls every day in Portland. Vernam is so convenient, and we’ve a lot invested in the vehicles, so we do not know exactly what we are gonna do right now.”. Nick Lue, founder of Skunk Nation, a local group of automobile enthusiasts, said that Vernam Field has a special atmosphere for fans and it’s essential that the next chosen place replicates this. I’m actually worried because Vernam does not only come with drag racing, Lue explained.