Friday, January 18, 2019

Maxxis has been a supporter of bike racing in all its forms. Delighting fans all around the globe, this sport demands determination and skill. Riders know they can trust Maxxis to deliver coaching excellent products for training – and just plain fun. Cross Country – Cross country races have been held through desert or either woods on terrain, and may include sections. Courses vary in length. Races last no less than 2 hours, and principles vary from series to series. Obstacles include logs, rock segments, hills, ruts, sand and mud. Maxxis Tires Used. Maxxcross EN WORCS and GNCC functionality that is pro.

A perfect alternative for all off road conditions. Maxxcross Desert IT The smartest choice when riding in the desert because it’s got a reinforced carcass to defend against pinch flats and punctures. Endurocross – Endurocross is an off road race held indoors. The format resembles an event, using course heats a gate and a series of rounds, with riders. Obstacles include sand, stone fields, poles, boulders, jumps and water segments comparable to road events such as the GNCC series, hare scrambles and enduros. Maxxis Tires Used: Maxxcross IT, Maxxcross SI and The Maxxcross EN are ideal for the Choice of terrain.

Freestyle Motocross – Freestyle is more of a competition than a race, with judges choosing the winner. Made popular by the X Games plus Gravity Games, the Freestyle riders executing difficult stunts like backflips for crowds nationwide. Maxxis Tires Used: Maxxcross SX Track requirements are usually hardpack dirt surfaces. Maxxcross IT Works well in track states which are intermediate to hard. Motocross – The typical motocross track has rough, rutted organic terrain. There are plenty of locally based, grassroots motocross tracks across the US that hold organized amateur races each weekend. The premier set in motocross is the AMA National Motocross Championship, that is a 12 race set beginning in May plus ending in September.

Each race is comprised of two motos, together with the overall best results of the two 30 minutes plus two lap motos determining the winner. Maxxis Tires Used: Maxxcross SX Performs best in hardpack plus on Arenacross or Supercross tracks. Maxxcross IT Works well in track states which are intermediate to hard. Maxxcross SI Performs well in states ranging from soft to intermediate terrain. Maxxcross SM Provides traction on sandy or muddy motocross tracks. Supercross – Supercross is motocross racing brought inside. A typical supercross race takes place inside a stadium or dome of a major city – plus 500 truckloads of dirt have been brought in to build a track.