Saturday, February 16, 2019

So you have been practicing. Your images are properly exposed. Youve followed all the rules. Do not they seem as good? A vital thing is that all pictures should be post. Point and shoot cameras do a few processing in camera for you. Digital pictures have a haze over them. Getting rid of the fog could make a big difference. Choose Filter Sharpen Unsharp Mask – . Input Amount 14%, Radius 40 pixels, and Threshold 0 degrees. Photo Editing Tip.2: Degrees – Pick Layer New adjustment layer Amounts – Now you’ll have a box pop up. Simply click OK. You have a box labeled alterations.

Move these around till you like how your picture looks. Photo Editing Tip .3: Contrast – Choose Layer New adjustment layer Brightness\/Contrast – Click OK again. Now you’ll have a brightness and a contrast slider with. Many individuals create a while others just raise the center. Side note: because I don’t like it alters the values in a picture, but thats just personal preference I just use curves on a color image. Youll want to test yourself, but here are some guidelines to give you a starting point: To Print: 100\/1\/10 – For Web: 200\/.3\/0 – If you do these five things, you’ll take your images to another level. A word of caution: don’t OVER-DO it! – people understand then do an amount of it to way and what Adobe Photoshop can perform. Then they back off overtime when they realize it only makes it seem inexperienced and their pictures look over done. Keep it subtle.