Saturday, February 16, 2019

For some reason, that is clear to this author, it’s Been traditional among astrologers to think that Uranus is the work of astrologers as well as the planet astrology. Quite a light is thrown by this belief on the way it respect their livelihood seems and believe of astrology. But it is an opinion that must be questioned and whose validity ought to not be taken to Uranus rather than for a superb case may be made to refer Astrology for granted. A consideration of both of these possibilities may clarify the character of astrology, and the connection between Uranus and Neptune.

Possibly reason behind associating Uranus with astrology and the simplest is the simple fact that in Greek mythology, the god Ouranos were connected with the expanse of space. Nevertheless, acknowledges being’s cycle or Chaldean Babylonian roots that may be translated as meaning space material. Ouranos was in the times, the vast deity which was the contested or soul of the Universe before levels of reflection or its realms became differentiated. In accord with the Greek myth, the numerous levels have been separated at a later point, when Jupiter, Neptune as well as Pluto established their individual rulerships over the blue sky, that the sea and that the underworld controlling that the fertility and soil of the material base of life in the world.

It doesn’t seem clever, however, to correlate too closely the features of the Greek gods and people of planets bearing their names in contemporary astronomy, and the obvious meaning that the planet Uranus has in astrology particularly since we became familiar with Neptune and Pluto ought to show that there’s only a remote connection between Uranus, that the iconoclastic planet of non conformism, of protest against any established structure or tradition, of revolt or revolution, of sudden events that transform a life, and so forth, and the wonderful god of primordial space, Ouranos.

Similarly, that the planet Neptune is no longer to be associated exclusively with that the sea, but is seen that reigns over all vast and tide expanses of substance. And on the other hand. Neptunian organizations are established on that the principle of maximum inclusiveness. They seek to establish cooperation as well as a feeling of community among people of different cultures as well as backgrounds, between concepts as well as beliefs that seem opposed to one another however which might be reconciled inside the frame of a larger, more encompassing frame of reference. Neptune deals with universals, Saturn with particulars. A Neptunian system presents ideas that are capable of being given a wide range of interpretations and adjustments at different levels, while a Saturnian system deals with concepts that are rigorously defined in concrete terms and within specific limits or in a specific level.