Saturday, February 16, 2019

There are very documentations available on art, art and culture of Jharkhand, India. Chhou dance is seldom done, although state authorities of Jharkhand, India arranges cultural events in the country. This is not because individuals are conservative, but due to lack of awareness or lack of marketing of the dance form. Chhou dance is found in a few portions of Orissa and Chattisgarh states of India and the areas of Jharkhand. There are no evidences that are particular available which describe the history behind Chhou dance. It is supposed that Chhou dance is among the dance kind of dance which has developed over the course of interactions with some civilizations.

Chhou Naach is a dance done in the night and in field. The dance arena is encompassed by fire poles called mashaal. Due to the urbanization in components, lights have replaced fire poles. The artists choose puja and a tub before performing this dance are of gods. The Chhou dancers use size that is large colourful masks. These masks are made of paper mache light wood and paper. Chhou naach is a type of Nritya natika where personalities with Chhou masks play characters that are mythical. Almost all these plays are based on Mahabharat and Ramayan. This mythological touch in Chhou’s dancing makes it very spiritual and respectful.

The personalities of Chhou dance wear customs ornaments and dance with weapons. Chhou dancing should NOT be misunderstood with some other folk dances of India such as Kuchipudi etc. Chhou dancing involves lots of gymnastic actions in the dancing sequences and majority of the personalities are very aggressive in nature. This dance drama is supported by customs nagada and flute because background sound and rhythm of dancing activity varies with the modulations of drum beats. The audience enjoying Chhou Naach feels increase in their heart beats. As opposed to Other tribal dances, direct participation from women in Chhou dance isn’t visible.

This also makes Chhou dancing different from other folk dances of tribes. For more literature and images on Chhou Naach please subscribe for the free newsletters on. Artilysis welcomes articles on Chhou dancing from other readers and authors to enrich the documentation. The writer belongs to Jharkhand, India and spent more than 21 years in the forests and valley of Jharkhand. The writer can be directly contacted on shandilya